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UX user experience

Think Your UX is Top Notch? Not if You Don’t Follow These 5 Principles

UX & Usability

User experience is obviously important, but it is extremely hard to pick out which area should be tackled first to improve UX. UX expert Hava Kleiman explains the top 5 principles to follow.

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What Makes a Good Test Manager

Managed Testing Services

In essence, a good test manager should ensure each project they work on delivers a quality outcome that delights their customer. However, that’s easier said than done and in most cases it isn’t something that comes naturally.

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Hand with remote control pointing at a wall of multimedia

How Media and Entertainment Companies Can Monetize Personalized Search With Content Search Testing

Digital TransformationMedia & Entertainment

Qualitest senior engineers, Deepak Kumar and Ajay Gehani, reveal how content search testing can help media and entertainment companies keep up with digital transformation and the rapid growth in personalized search.

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